Whether your company has adopted flexible working, or you run your own business from home, working from home can be a great way to operate. For some people, a day working from home can be more productive than two days in the office.

But it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some get to the end of the day to find they’ve drunk several cups of coffee, kept up with the news and contacted their friends on Facebook, but have achieved very little work.

As the gig economy picks up, and more and more organisations realise how much their office space is costing them, home working or working in a cafe or a hub is likely to become more commonplace. So you need to get better at it.

This hypnosis download will help.

Working from Home Productivity Hypnosis Download

The download includes practical tips and a hypnotic induction which you can listen to again and again to increase your focus and motivation when home working.

Get more productive when working from home and enjoy the benefits of flexible working.