Bullying Bosses Impact Performance

How To Handle a Bully Boss

Workplace bullying comes in many forms but all too often it comes from the boss to one of their reports.

And it can happen at any level. Even seasoned executives can find themselves shouted at in the boardroom by a bullying CEO.

Other forms of bullying are more subtle but no less impactful.

Do you have a boss who takes credit for your work? Or micromanages you? Or belittles you in front of colleagues?

It’s time to do something about it.

Bad Boss Hypnosis Download

There are legal ways to deal with a bad boss, and if you’re a member of a union they may be able to help. You might even confront your boss directly.

But sometimes these aren’t options – particularly for senior execs.

And sometimes – quite unfairly – they can be career limiting moves.

So if you accept that you’re unlikely to be able your bosses behaviour, the only thing you can do is change your response to it.

The How To Handle a Bullying Boss hypnosis download will help you stay cool in the face of unreasonable behaviour.

You’ll find a new perspective that means you stay in control of your feeling and your reactions.

And you’ll think through a longer term strategy to address the problem.

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Download How to Handle a Bad Boss.