Business Networking With Confidence

Networking With Confidence










The boss wants you to attend a networking event and the prospect fills you with terror.

You’re looking for a new job and know you need to network but the thought of it makes you want to be sick.

Or maybe you’re a good networker who wants to get better at working the room.

Whatever your networking challenge this download will help

Business Networking Confidence hypnotic download

Entering a room of strangers and launching into a conversation with some of them takes some nerves.

Some launch themselves into a sales pitch that alienates other people.

Others stand in a corner and fill time answering all those emails on their smartphone.

Don’t be embarrassed. Most people have done it, especially if they are new to networking.

But with the right approach and attitude, networking can be great fun and will make a huge difference to your career.

Here’s a free tip to start with.

Don’t try to sell.

There. Doesn’t that immediately take a bit of pressure off?

Networking professionals know these meetings are about building relationships and creating a positive (and authentic!) impression.

So instead of trying to sell, go to each meeting aiming to help two or three people.

That might mean

  • Introducing people you’ve met to each other if you think there’s a shared interest
  • Chatting with the shyest or loneliest looking person in the room and getting them involved in a group
  • Recommended a book, article, blog or website that could help someone crack a business challenge

It doesn’t mean launching into a sales pitch uninvited!

Be remembered for all the right reasons, as the person who helps others achieve their objectives.

For more tips and a powerful hypnotic induction to give you the confidence to network well, download the Business Networking Confidence hypnotic download now.